Window Cleaning Services

Rope Access

Advance is the UK’s leading exponent of rope access cleaning. Many competitors outsource this function, incurring costly margin on margin expense for clients. Our team of in-house, IRATA-trained access technicians are experts in leading teams to clean even the most inaccessible buildings.

Harness and Eyebolts

Advance regularly uses the harness and eyebolts method. Our operatives are fully trained in their use. Following a full survey, risk assessment and method statement, this system means we can clean in a safe and controlled manner with no height restriction.

Reach and Wash

For building exteriors up to twenty metres, our water-fed poles provide a flexible cleaning solution that can realise significant savings in terms of hydraulic access costs. Because this system uses 100% pure water with no chemicals, reach and wash is also an environmentally-friendly option.

Hydraulic Platforms

For buildings above twenty metres, internal atria or where there is no suitable rooftop apparatus, our team of IPAF trained, fully insured operatives are highly experienced in the use of hydraulic platforms.

Fixed Rooftop Cradle Aparatus

Fixed rooftop cradles provide a safe and cost-effective way to clean a building’s façade. Advance can provide all testing and certification of equipment, eliminating the delays associated with unexpected equipment failures. If a system component breaks, we’ll ensure it’s swiftly fixed in order to deliver a cleaning task on time.

More Main Services


Advance offer a comprehensive cleaning consultancy service. We guide clients on a range of issues: from how best to resolve specific cleaning challenges, to writing cleaning specifications and tender documents. In addition, our environmental advisor Don Potts is available to clients who seek advice on being green.


Advance Cleaning is the only cleaning company in London to have Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) approved technicians.
In conjunction with our Railway Industry Link-Up qualification, our team of IRATA Level 3 trained technicians can access almost anywhere for cleaning, inspecting, algae removal, or to carry out minor building defects work. Hard-to-reach areas include:


To offer you a complete cleaning solution, Advance can provide the additional services you need through our directly employed workforce. We clean external piazzas, reception areas, escalators, lifts. offices and washrooms. We'll also supply all of your consumable products and services.
Thanks to our quality management and supervision, we'll ensure that your building will always be clean, tidy, and looked after by someone who cares.

Objective zero landfill.
In conjunction with our progressive environmental policies, we aim to avoid sending waste to landfill wherever possible. Advance can control your waste management through bin systems, segregation and confidential waste removal.